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Delivery and Registration

In our Dr.Web online store we sell e-licenses only. As e-licenses exist in electronic form, the delivery is made in electronic form, too. By delivery we understand sending you an email message with a serial number. When this message is received by a User, the serial number is registered and a license key file is received, the delivery is considered to be completed.

Our e-commerce solution provider is Avangate.
  What will happen after I place my order?
When will I receive my Dr.Web e-license?
How do I track my order?
I have paid for Dr.Web e-license by my credit card several days ago but still did not receive a serial number. What should I do?
I paid for my Dr.Web e-license and I received a message with a serial number from a manager of Doctor Web, Ltd. What should I do with this serial number.
What should I do first - register my Dr.Web serial number and receive a key file, or download and install the Dr.Web anti-virus?


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